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As leaders in window cleaning in Dallas, TX, Giraffe Window Cleaners can thoroughly clean your windows and make them shinier than ever. Do you keep thinking, “When was the last time we cleaned the windows?” That’s when you know it’s the right time to get them clean. Let us help you today!

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Dallas Window Cleaning With a Purpose​

We believe that clean and attractive exteriors say a lot about a person’s home. We also understand that keeping your windows clean at all times is a difficult job. Well, not anymore.

At Giraffe Window Cleaners, we clean with a clear purpose—to help home and business owners get more out of their property when it comes to window cleaning beyond just having cleaner windows.

Whatever the reason is for why you need cleaner windows, we’ve already got you covered!

With years of experience under our belt, we are familiar with the most effective cleaning techniques, equipment, and products that help us clean safely and effectively.

Our company name says a lot about how high we can reach—whether you need help with power washing your office building windows or the windows of your three-story home, we can tackle any project of any size.

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Why We’re the Window Cleaning Company Dallas TX Locals Can Rely on

110% Satisfaction

We believe customer satisfaction separates a professional window cleaner from an amateur one. Our customer satisfaction is unmatched—we can meet and exceed your expectations by offering quality home services and impeccable results every time.

Quick & Efficient

Are you in a hurry to get your windows cleaned in Dallas-Fort Worth? No deadline is a problem for us. Our team of experts and professional technicians will clean your windows before a home viewing, big presentation, or special event.

Consistent Quality

Whether you hire us to clean your windows for the first or fiftieth time, rest assured you’ll get the same treatment every time. We take our window cleaning service seriously so that our clients can always trust us and keeps us doing good business with our locals. 

100% Insured

As a leading company for window cleaning in Dallas, TX, we perform background checks, ensuring our technicians are adequately trained, certified, and fully insured. You’ll always feel confident at peace when you choose Giraffe Window Cleaners.

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How To Get Started With Our Window Cleaning Service In Dallas TX?

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We offer free, non-obligatory quotes for our potential clients. All you need to do is provide us with information about your property, window sizes, and window condition, and we’ll get back to you with honest and fair pricing.

Schedule Your Date

Our team can adapt to your busy schedule and come when it’s suitable for you (early in the morning, before a big business meeting, or after a big storm).

We Come Clean Your Windows

Our company specializes in window cleaning; therefore, we don’t outsource cleaners to do our tasks. We use our equipment, product solutions, and technicians to get the job done.

Enjoy Your Clean Windows

After our first treatment, you will immediately notice improvements. We will not only extend your windows’ life but make you and your family feel happier and more productive. When the windows are clean, the whole house will shine.

Dallas Locals Are Raving About US

Here's What Homeowners Are Saying About Giraffe Window Cleaners

Filip was referred to me and I am grateful for that referral. Cleaned all windows, tracks and screens. Front windows has sap from bushes that were (note the word WERE) in front of them, and removed ALL of it. Personable man, professional, get after the job and doesn't stop until it is done. Would definitely recommend him. Wonderful experience
Bill. K
Filip was very professional with great communication and prompt arrival. His work was excellent and did a great job in cleaning all windows inside and out. Highly recommended.
Jaime K.
Amazing service!! Cleaned windows, window tracks, gutters, and solar panels (that was a surprise!). This is a wonderful service- on time, efficient, professional, and amazing results. They came with PPE gear to maintain social distance. Our home is noticeably brighter now.
Nancy E.

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Commercial And Residential

Giraffe Window Cleaners Provide Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Dallas TX

Are a homeowner or own multiple properties?

Our residential window cleaning services go beyond a quick wipe. We believe that no one should have to look through dirty windows, so we perfected our cleaning service to the point that no corner is left untreated.

We use special equipment and cleaning solutions to tackle even the most stubborn stains, bugs, or accumulated dust. When covered in dust, windows can block more than 50% of the natural light that’s supposed to brighten your home. We will eliminate the dirt and dust, allowing your home to breathe fresh air and receive as much natural light as possible.

Commercial Window Cleaning Dallas TX

Making a good first impression matters a lot in the business world. If your building or office has dirty windows, your customers won’t have a favorable opinion of your business.

Polished and clean windows give off a professional look and will attract the attention of your potential clients. Clean windows can also support a healthy working atmosphere and increase creativity and productivity.

Our window cleaners undergo extensive training and attend special courses to clean corporate windows carefully and ensure quality work. Your business will be in the hands of professionals who know how to clean your windows efficiently.

What We Clean For The Best Results

  • Exterior Windows

We have the right equipment and tools necessary to make your exterior windows shine. As they are susceptible to rain, wind, sun, bugs, and dust, if left dirty for too long, they will make your property look old and grimy and impact your home’s curb appeal

  • Interior Windows

We use the right products to eliminate dust and stains from your interior windows, which allows you and your family to enjoy a clean and fresh atmosphere. For our business clients, we use commercial washers and customized products to improve glass transparency. Clean windows increase your product visibility and may attract more potential customers.

  • Screens And Frames

When cleaning the windows, many people forget to clean the screens, but not us. Screens can accumulate dust, bugs, and other unsightly stains. Our window cleaning company dedicates as much time on the screens as on the glass, leaving your windows looking spotless.

  • Tracks, Sills, and Ledges

Cleaning the window tracks, sills, and ledges is also a part of our cleaning process. You can’t enjoy shiny windows without clean tracks, sills, and ledges, so that’s why we do it all. We use safe cleaning techniques that won’t harm wood or vinyl sills. Rest assured that we give 110% of our effort to making every part of your windows look fresh and new.

A Quick Case Study With Amazing Results

We'll Make Your Window Look Better So Your Home Looks A Million Bucks!

Project: A Dallas Home With Windows Covered In Paint And Dust From 5 Years Ago!

When you can barely see through your windows, it really beats the purpose of having them installed in the first place.  It took this customer in Dallas about 5 years to finally notice that they needed a proper window cleaner to help them out. 

When we first arrived, we were shocked to see the amount of dirt, dust, and paint droppings all over the windows. The homeowner to us she had tried cleaning it herself but she had a hard time getting everything off and had given up long ago. We took immediate action and began cleaning as soon as possible. 

We wanted to make sure these windows were crystal clear by the end of the job, and as you can see by the before and after picture, the difference is night and day.

The best part about this project was the fact that the homeowner was able to see the changes in front of her eyes. She told us, “I forgot how beautiful of a view I had now that I can see through these windows.” 

Here at Giraffe Window Cleaners, we’re always thrilled when customers tell us this, and it never gets old. The instant our customers face lights up really put a big smile on our face.

Here’s some more before and after of this home’s windows. Like we mentioned before, when you get a professional window cleaning in Dallas TX, by our Giraffe team, you will really see a big difference!

Specializing in window cleaning, we know how to clean just about every style and types of glass there is when it comes to windows. 

The reason why our specific customer had trouble cleaning these windows was because she didn’t know the proper mixture of soap and the right tools to get rid of old dirt, dust, stains, and paint. At the end of the day, she was happy to have called us to provide her with a friendly and helpful window cleaning service.

If you’re a property owner who is in the same situation with your windows. Please call us today for all your window cleaning needs in Dallas TX.

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Keep Your Windows Clean Year-Round!

Interested in a Regular Window Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX?

We highly recommend our clients get their windows cleaned at least four to five times per year to keep the screens, tracks, and ledges looking shiny and clean.

Investing in regular services for window cleaning in Dallas, TX, is worth its value considering the air quality you will breathe. Whether you are a busy homeowner or run a store downtown, we can meet your needs and customize a regular window cleaning package for your budget.

Get in touch with our team today, and we will provide you with a quote for a window cleaning package for your residential or commercial property.

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