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Looking For window cleaning in Arlington TX?Clean windows not only add to your home’s curb appeal, but they promote a clean indoor environment. If you leave your windows unwashed for too long, you may end up with permanent glass stains that will lower the value of your home. Get cleaner windows today!

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Detail Oriented Window Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Many people try to handle window cleaning as a part of routine household cleaning, but quickly find that it’s a trickier job than expected. Cleaning windows is tedious, even when you only give them a quick once-over.

What sets us apart from our competition is our attention to detail. We don’t just clean your window panes; we also take care to thoroughly clean the frames and tracks for an intensive cleaning process

As part of our window cleaning in Arlington, TX service, we also conduct a complete window inspection of every window on your property. We look for potential damage to the frames, panes, and tracks and offer solutions to repair them.

Older windows tend to suffer from wear and tear, which may make them less resistant to weather, and the faster we repair them, the better for your property.

Why We're The #1 Choice

Why Hire Giraffe for Your Window Cleaning in Arlington TX?

110% Satisfacition

We have many repeat clients thanks to our commitment to customer service. We’ll never leave a job site until you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

Quick Turn Around

No matter how many windows need cleaning, we offer a competitive turnaround time. You set the deadline, and we’ll make sure your windows are sparkling clean and ready before the date.

Consistent Quality

Thanks to our meticulous window cleaning in Arlington, TX process, we offer consistent results. Reliability is the key to our customer satisfaction, which is why we always inspect our work before showing you the final product.

Insured & Bonded

We want your window cleaning experience to be as stress-free as possible. Our family-owned and operated company is fully insured and bonded to guarantee your peace of mind when we work on your property.

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Cleaner Windows Is Just a Few Steps Away! Here’s How You Can Get Started

Fill Out Our Easy and Simple Estimate Form

When you’re ready for your window cleaning session, you can start the process by filling in our online form. We’ll provide you with a free estimate of the cost of cleaning, and if you’re happy with it, you can set the date.

Schedule Your Desired Date

We work within your schedule and at your convenience. Once we’ve scheduled the project date, you can expect us to arrive in the morning and complete the work before the end of the day.

We Show Up and Do the Work

Our team works efficiently to get your windows clean. We’ll determine the best method to produce excellent results depending on the scale of the project.

You Watch as Your Windows Shine and Sparkle!

Once we’ve completed the work, we’ll do a quick walk-through to ensure that you’re 110% satisfied. Then we’ll leave you to enjoy your new clean and sparkling windows in peace.

Dallas Locals Are Raving About US

Here's What Homeowners Are Saying About Giraffe Window Cleaners

I highly recommend these window cleaners. We needed our windows cleaned before hosting thanksgiving at our house this year. They did a fantastic job! I will hire them again next year.
Jenna M.
They really know how to clean windows. We had gotten our house repainted, but the painter did a horrible job keeping the paint off the windows. We were recommended to Full Color Cleaners and they came out early and got all of our windows looking extremely clean and spotless!
Kelly V.
We had these fine gentlemen for window and gutter cleaning. I had a bad experience with hiring a window cleaner that power washed my windows the year prior. Ben and his brother cleaned it all without pressure washing. All by hand and it all turned out great.
Craig O.

Need pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or house washing services?

We’ve got you covered for that too!

Commercial And Residential

Giraffe Window Cleaners Provide Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Arlington TX

If you’re sick of dealing with streaky windows or trying to get third-story windows clean, why not call the experts instead? 

Many homeowners will try to clean their own windows, but the results are often not worth the effort, and may even affect the curb appeal of your home.

By working with Giraffe window cleaning in Arlington, TX, you can sit back and relax instead of spending your days getting frustrated. 

Our expert team of window cleaners can get the job done faster and more efficiently thanks to our trained cleaners and high-quality equipment.


Commercial Window Cleaning Arlington TX

First impressions count, especially when it comes to commercial and retail buildings. Many commercial buildings have lots of windows and glass, which require frequent cleaning to ensure an impressive appearance. Even employees are happier working in a facility that feels light and airy, fostering a creative and productive environment.

Clean windows are even more critical for retail properties, where a dirty window can drive customers away. While your staff may keep up with small window cleaning jobs, it’s better to get the professionals in regularly.

We offer high-end cleaning solutions for commercial properties of all kinds. Our team is discreet and fast, giving you the results you want without the inconvenience.

What Can You Expect from a Professional Window Cleaning in Arlington?

Detailed Cleaning of Exterior Windows

We have several methods to ensure you have the cleanest windows in the DFW metroplex. Hand-cleaning offers superior results but can present some safety risks on taller buildings. Another option is to use window washing tools that allow our cleaners to stay safely on the ground while reaching up to third-story windows.

Detailed Cleaning of Interior Windows

Once we’ve completed the exterior cleaning, we’ll move onto the interior of the windows. We follow the same careful process of cleaning the glass while noting any potential issues with the windows or frames. That’s why if you search, “window cleaners near me,” our company will be toward the top of the list.

Complete Cleaning of All Screens

A lot of dust gets collected in the screens and one of the major reasons why your windows can get dusty again after a few days of getting them cleaned. Cleaning the screens brings the entire window cleaning process together. Once we thoroughly clean your screens, you’ll notice the considerable difference a window cleaning makes to the the way your windows shine!

Cleaning of Tracks, Sills, and Ledges

We have a detail-oriented process, which includes cleaning any accessible window tracks, sills, and ledges. Cleaning these hard-to-reach areas can ensure your windows and frames’ longevity while also making them easier to use. So next time you wonder, “are there are quality house cleaners near me?” rest assured we can make your home’s windows shine like new.  

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Cleanest Windows On The Block

Never Have to Worry About Dirty Windows Again! Get Automated!

Regular window cleaning offers many advantages. Since the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s weather can vary from hot and dusty to cold and wet, regular window cleaning will ensure that your windows can handle whatever the weather throws at them.

Instead of waiting for the next dust-storm, why not schedule a regular cleaning service? We can tailor a cleaning package for your particular needs by offering six-month or three-month routine cleaning contracts.

By automating your window cleaning routine, you’ll never have to worry about dirty windows again!

Bi-Annual Window Cleaning

Get a window cleaning service every 6 months. Whether you’re in the city or within DFW metroplex, we’ve got you covered! Never hold off or forget about cleaning your windows ever again!

Annual Window Cleaning

Some windows don’t get dirty often due to the location and environment. With an annual window cleaning plan, our team will come our every year to help keep your windows in their best condition.

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