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Insurance is a huge part of every homeowner’s decision-making process, and that shouldn’t stop when it comes to window cleaning. As much as 75% of window cleaning companies fail to offer protection for any damages or incidents during their operation. Instead of choosing window washers without protection, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of partnering with an insured window cleaning company.

General Liability Insurance

At the very least, your window cleaning business should have general liability insurance coverage. This protects against basic risks, such as accidental window damages and slip-and-falls. General liability insurance is a great way to protect against accidents that occur to individuals passing the area, as any bodily injuries to individuals on your property mean the cost will likely have to come from your pocket.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ comp is a great way for insurance companies to protect their businesses, and many states require that large and small businesses have workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage extends to provide payments for medical bills, disabilities that occurred on the job, and life insurance payments while also protecting you, the homeowner, from having to incur any of these costs. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Damages or accidents that occur to the company vehicle can be charged to the homeowner unless your window cleaning company has commercial auto insurance to protect you both. This policy covers any medical expenses, collision damages, rental payments, and property damage caused by the company’s vehicle. You can imagine how expensive any vehicular accident can be, especially if you have to deal with lawsuits that can reach the millions. Having commercial auto insurance can protect you from the responsibility of a major commercial vehicle accident.

Why You Need a Company With Window Cleaning Insurance

Window cleaning companies have plenty of additional options, including commercial property insurance, which protects the business and its property from damages, and bundles like business owners policy and commercial umbrella insurance, which cover the demand for larger coverage limits for larger homes and projects. 

Either way, you should partner with a company that isn’t afraid of the insurance cost, and there are plenty of benefits that you can receive by working with an organization that provides commercial window cleaning insurance.

Insurance Ensures Safety

At the end of the day, safety comes first, and homeowners need assurance that they are working with a company that cares about their safety. The best way to back your promise of a job well done is to prove that you aren’t afraid to protect yourself and your workers. Proof of insurance provides comfort and exudes the confidence that the company can do the job right.

Can Help Answer a Ton of Important Questions

Homeowners ask plenty of questions during the window cleaning process. Are there any references or proof of previous work? Are employees safety trained? A good company can answer those questions and tens more simply by showing their certificate of insurance. This indicates that your employees value safety and that your company trusts their work enough to incur the cost of protecting it.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Customer data theft, reputation lawsuits, and illness from window cleaning chemicals are all incidents that may be minor but are prevented with an insured company. While some of these activities are rare, uninsured companies leave room for individuals to get away with many accidents or criminal behaviors. You’ll have the peace of mind needed to not worry about any out-of-the-box issues occurring during your cleaning project.

Get High-Quality Window Cleaning in the Los Angeles Area 

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