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When was the last time you thought about the condition of your home’s windows? Homeowners have a lot on their plate, but that shouldn’t mean you let dirt, grime, and bird droppings populate your window and frames. Scheduling a professional window cleaning is a great way to ensure that dirty windows don’t last too long, but how often should you actually clean your windows? There are a few factors at play and a couple of good rules of thumb to follow, so let’s dive into your windows and what to do to keep them shining for years to come.

Factors That Impact the Frequency of Your Window Cleaning 

Before you decide how often to clean your windows, it’s important to understand how some major factors contribute to making your windows dirty. If you live in an area with wind, rain, and major storms, you might want to clean your windows more often. In contrast, dry, stable environments might be able to skip a window cleaning or two. Consider factors such as:

Additionally, if you’re getting work done on your home — whether on the interior or exterior — getting a good window washing right after can add the finishing touches to your work. If you relate to any of these factors, reach out to your local window cleaning company or consider a high-quality soft washing to really dig deep into those hard-to-reach places.

How Often Do Windows Need Cleaning?

So how often do you need your windows cleaned? We recommend most homeowners clean windows at least every 6 months. We recommend this as the minimum frequency to keep your windows looking great and maintaining their structural integrity. For those looking to make their homes as beautiful as possible, we recommend monthly cleans. With monthly cleaning, your windows are guaranteed to never be dirty and sparkle year round. 

Best Time to Clean Windows

While it’s good to clean your windows monthly, homeowners often wonder if there’s a specific time of the day or year when it is best to get their windows cleaned. Generally, the best time is whenever your windows are dirty! But besides that, it’s important to clean your windows on neutral weather days and when the sun isn’t at its brightest. The sun’s heat can cause your windows to smear and streak when they dry too quickly. Cloudy days with 60-70 degree weather are the best times to clean your windows but don’t fear cleaning them in cooler temperatures. Just to be sure your windows are cleaned properly, contact your local residential window cleaning company. They’ll have all the tools, tips, and tricks needed to keep your windows beautiful and streak free.

Don’t DIY — Get Your Windows Cleaned by the Pros!

Cleaning your windows may seem relatively straightforward, but it doesn’t mean a DIY job will be as good as one done by the pros. Professional window cleaners like the ones at Giraffe Window Cleaning can keep your windows up to par regardless of what decides to land on them. Don’t let bird remnants and mud ruin your glass windows. Get a professional window cleaning in Los Angeles that restores the look of your home with one call to Giraffe Window Cleaning today! Want your business windows to shine just as bright as your home? Check out our commercial window cleaning services for clear windows throughout the workday.