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Overflowing gutters may not seem significant for your home since the water finds its way into the ground. It may also be possible that you only realize your gutters are overflowing during a storm. 

However, overflowing gutters create a mess around your property and can also seep into the soil and affect your home’s foundation. These are among the reasons why it’s essential to stop gutters from overflowing onto your property.

Giraffe Window Cleaners offers residential gutter cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding communities. If you have overflowing gutters on your property, we want to help you with some easy steps for fixing the issue. As the leading gutter cleaning service in the Los Angeles area, we have plenty of experience helping residents repair their gutters.

How to Stop Gutters From Overflowing

Even if you don’t see your gutters overflowing during a storm, you may notice a disheveled landscape around your home or water pooling in your yard. These are additional signs that you need to stop gutters from overflowing. 

Not only do they create a mess and allow water runoff to seep into your foundation, but they can also damage your home’s roofing and siding. Therefore, it’s vital to stop gutters from overflowing as soon as possible. 

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters are the most common cause of overflowing gutters on any property. That’s why we recommend climbing a ladder and cleaning leaves and debris from your home’s gutters and downspouts at least twice annually. 

Gutter cleaning is the easiest way to prevent any issues with your gutters and downspouts that can damage your property. Clearing any debris clogging your gutters ensures water flows away from your home.

Check Your Gutters’ Pitch and Tilt 

If water overflows from your gutters even after cleaning them, your gutters may be positioned improperly. To check their pitch and tilt, first, place a level across the mouth of your gutters to ensure they aren’t tilting. 

Next, check the guttering runs to make sure they’re not too steep or flat. When it’s too steep, water may overflow during a storm. For a flat slope, water won’t move toward the downspouts. 

Install Splash Guards

Water runoff in roof valleys can sometimes travel too quickly to train into gutters. This situation may result in the water splashing over the sides and onto the ground. A splash guard is an L-shaped piece of metal that gets fastened to the corner of a gutter where it meets a roof valley. 

Drill holes in your gutter and through the splash guard, and install rivets inside the holes to install the splash guard on your gutters. If you install gutter splash guards, this solution can prevent water runoff, one of the most common gutter problems.

Purchase Gutter Guards

You can purchase and install gutter guards when you need to stop gutters from overflowing. This type of gutter cover protects it from debris while allowing water runoff to drain into them. 

Gutter guards can be mesh screens that fit across or inside your gutters or rigid metal slats with holes or vents that fasten over your gutters. If you install gutter guards as a DIY home improvement project, ensure the openings don’t clog with debris. In addition, you may have to perform a quick gutter cleaning to enable them to function correctly.

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