A Dallas Window Cleaning Company

Our Company's Story

Our founders created Giraffe Window Cleaners after seeing a lack of professionalism and quality in the market. For better or for worse, most window cleaning companies are one-man shops, with an owner that focuses on doing all the labor, customer service, and office work themselves. Naturally, one person can only do so much, which means that eventually, these firms will drop the ball and struggle to do all of these things well. This leads to a stressed-out business owner, and more importantly a less-than-perfect experience for the customer. 

We entered the market to change all of that. We have built an amazing team of individuals to hyper-focus on each part of our business, which leads to a much better experience for you, the customer!

Our mission is to provide a world-class window cleaning service, with an emphasis on high-quality, convenience, and customer service.

We do this by focusing on our team first. Our staff is polite, punctual, and well trained, and will NEVER take shortcuts with your windows.  

Our firm combines the old with the new to give customers an experience worth bragging about. We use time-tested cleaning techniques to make your home sparkle, but we also have strong relationships with vendors to keep abreast of the newest methods and tools. We also leverage the latest technology to streamline our operations, which makes our service much more convenient for the customer, with a LOT fewer headaches. 

We pledge to provide windows so clean, you’ll think you left them open. We believe in this pledge so strongly that if you are not satisfied in any way, we will refund the entire cost of our services. 

We are excited to be part of Dallas TX!

Our Core Principles

Customer Service

Our customers are our number one focus. We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, because we believe this is the best way to do business. We will never take shortcuts with your home, and are always asking for feedback to make sure our processes are working for you.

Consistent High Quality

All of our window cleaners spend weeks training with our team to make sure they are fully versed in the best window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing techniques. You can expect consistent, high-quality cleans every time we come to your home.

We Love Our Employees

We treat our employees like family. We pay fair wages, provide excellent training, and offer career planning to make sure they feel supported, appreciated, and in control of their future. Our goal is to make anyone that becomes an employee at Giraffe a better individual than when they first started, no matter how much time they spend with us. When our employees are treated well, they are able and willing to provide the best service to our customers.

Peace Of Mind

While we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services without any issues, sometimes accidents do happen. All of our services are backed by a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy, so you can rest easy knowing that you are covered for any damages that occur, however unlikely that may be. In addition, all of our employees are subject to full background checks to make sure you only have the highest-quality professionals working on your property.

Cleaning With A Purpose

Our cleaning services make your home look great. But they also serve the purpose of strengthening and protecting your home and making it a healthier place to live. 

Our gutter cleaning services prevent roof damage, foundation damage, and water damage. Our gutter cleaning services also keep out bugs, rodents, and mold from making a home in your gutters. 

Our window cleaning services make your home a happier place to live. Dirty windows can make your house dark and dreary, which negatively affects your mood. Want a quick way to boost your mood? The cleaner your windows, the better you’ll feel!

Did you know window cleaning can save you money? Built-up dirt and grime damage your windows, reducing their life, and making you replace them sooner. Regular cleanings prevent this issue.

Giving Back To The Community

Coming March 2021

The Giraffe Foundation focuses on providing one-on-one mentorship and guidance to young individuals from immigrant and underprivileged backgrounds.  These young people often have huge potential but are steered onto the wrong path by various types of influences. Our dream is to create a network of mentors for the purpose of transforming as many young lives as possible.  We believe proper education and guidance is the best way to prepare youths for bright futures, and we aim to do just that.